Implementation Mechanism

It is paramount that the Government adopts an implementation approach for the NDAs developments that can ensure timely and well-coordinated development of the NDAs to supply new housing within the shortest time. Having regard to the public views expressed in the three stages of Public Engagement (PE) and the pros and cons of the Conventional New Town (CNT) approach and Private Sector Participation (PSP) approach, the Government considers that the CNT approach should be adopted as the primary mode for implementation of the KTN and FLN NDAs. The Government will resume and clear the private land planned for public works projects, public housing and private developments, carry out site formation works, and provide infrastructure before allocating land for various purposes, including disposal of land planned for private developments in the market.

However, taking into account the public views received and having examined again the main considerations for adopting the CNT approach, some flexibility in the implementation mechanism is provided for modification of lease, including in-situ land exchange applications meeting a set of criteria by specified deadlines having regard to the phased development of the NDAs. The enhanced CNT approach can achieve the purpose of advancing housing supply and with the benefit inherent in the PSP approach. The set of general criteria for consideration of lease modification applications in the KTN and FLN NDAs are stipulated at Lands Administration Office Practice Note Issue No. 3/2022.